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Statement on Ukraine

In 2013, Ukrainians took to the streets under the flags of the European Union to force the authorities to change the country's direction.

Russia, which has not been able to subjugate Ukraine politically, is trying to do so through threats and hybrid warfare.

Under such pressure and provocation, Ukrainians are waiting for a signal that will strengthen their confidence in the European choice made eight years ago. Russia's aggressive steps threaten our common values and our common future.

We hope that the voices of civil society will be able to influence the position of the EU member states' leaders and force them to express more clear support for the Ukrainians.

Ukrainians have always known their future lies in Europe. Today we also see that Europe's future lies in Ukraine.

We call for a reinforcement of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. This should include:

  • deeper political structures in the Association Council,
  • further economic and social development support, and

  • a more consequential civil society dialogue

All these measures should be firmly anchored by respect for rule of law and freedom of association.

Enhanced EU-Ukraine political cooperation could also be explored in the framework of the Conference on the Future of Europe, with an eye to possible future associate EU membership through a “concentric circle” form of partnership.

At the same time, we hope for a new EU-Russia political and civic dialogue reopening free civil society structures, restoring freedom of the press and working towards a mutually enhancing, glasnost in future relations.

We look to the full engagement of both the EU and Council of Europe political and civil society structures in securing a peaceful and positive outcome to the current impasse.

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