What is Europe Future Fringe and why does it matter ?

Europe Future Fringe is an open access festival of democracy where everyone who wants to be part of the conversation about the future of Europe can find a space to tell their story.

Why does it matter?

We live at a time when citizens are taking charge of the debate about the Future of Europe, from calls to action on climate change to new ideas about how to reshape the world of work.

Europe Future Fringe is a way to harness the energy, imagination and expertise of citizens at a time of huge social and technological change for the democratic renewal of Europe.

Who should take an interest?

Everyone who cares about what happens next in Europe! From neighbourhood associations, arts and cultural projects to campaign groups, charities, educational institutions, local authorities and NGOs - all who have something to say about the future of Europe.

What is the vision?

We want Europe Future Fringe to spark a conversation about the future of Europe, to energise the debate about what happens next in Europe. Too often the discussion about Europe is located in formal institutional settings, out of reach of the citizens.

We want Europe Future Fringe to open up the debate about Europe in all the spaces in between.

We start from a deep respect for the wisdom of the crowd, from understanding that each and every one of us has something to learn from the other, and a belief that solidarity can be built in Europe by bringing people together through conversations and story-telling.

What are the values?

We are Europeans. It means our values are equality, freedom, solidarity, respect for the rule of law and human rights. Above all we are democrats.

Democracy requires each of us to listen, learn and try to move forward together on the basis of consensus and a common understanding of the challenges we face in the 21st century.

Europe is bigger than the EU and the Fringe is working with organisations in Ukraine, the Western Balkans, the Nordic States and the UK as well as in EU member states.

What are the short and long-term goals?

The fringe can only work if we can unlock the power and spontaneity of those who take part, transforming the debate about the future of Europe.

In the short term we aim to sign up as many organisations and individuals to sign up to Europe Future Fringe as possible so that we can sign post their activities, events and work.

In the long term, the Fringe will shake up the narrative around the challenges facing Europe today, by cascading innovative proposals and avenues for change into the public arena.

The Fringe will engage positively with the formal Conference on the Future of Europe and engage constructively  at all levels of public policy making across Europe.

Who is making Europe Future Fringe happen?

We are not an organisation, we are a network.  So all the organisations and individuals who have already signed up to the idea are helping to make it happen.

New Europeans, Volonteurope and European Future Forum have formed a working group at the heart of the network  to facilitate and coordinate the initiative.

What would we like you to do?

Sign up to the initiative so we can keep in contact with you as things progress. We are currently working on the website and the app which will allow you to list your events and activities and find out more about the amazing work being done by individuals and organisations across Europe who care deeply about our common future.

If you’d like to know more:

Please visit our website www.europefuturefringe.com explore #EuropeFutureFringe

or contact [email protected]


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