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Voting while abroad

Brits living abroad

We also support the voting rights of British nationals living abroad.

With the introduction of online registration it should be easier for British citizens living in the EU to vote in elections in the UK.

Gary Streeter MP answers for the Speaker's Commission in the House of Commons (the body that oversees the Electoral Commission).

In the House of Commnons on 18 July, Gary Streeter MP confirmed that measures were being underken by the Electoral Commission to boost the voter registration of British expats.

New Europeans are also working with the Electoral Commission and will be suppporting this work through our VotesAbroad campaign and collaborations including with Gaham Richards and Votes for British expats.

Read the parliamentary exchanges on 18 July in Hansard here

Many countries in the EU allow their ex-pats to vote in national elections in their home countries.

Italy and France even have Members of Parliament representing their own ex-pat communities around the world. Britain has an arbitrary cut-off of 15 years of living abroad after which you are denied the chance to vote in national or general elections in the UK. We believe this is unfair and are working on a cross-party basis with British ex-pat associations in France, Germany and other EU countries to change this.

On 26 February 2014, Greg Clark MP, Minister of State for Cities and the Constitution, posted this video to show his support for ex-pat voting rights. If you are a UK voter living overseas, you can register to vote by visiting 

Harry Shindler

Harry Shindler is a lifelong campaigner for a change to the 15 year rule and New Europeans. He has received support from Commissioner Reding for his campaign and from The Economist magazine. New Europeans are working with Conservatives Abroad, Labour International and with the Liberal Democrats to seek a review of the 15 year rule. We are also working to make sure that EU citizens living in the UK and British citizens living elsewhere in Europe are included in the franchise for any in/out referendum on Britain's membership of the EU.

European Commission recommendations on expats’ voting rights

The European Movement UK is Britain’s longest standing pro-European organization, campaigning for decades to inform the debate around the benefits of EU membership. They have published a eurobriefing on the Commission recommendations on expat voting rights.

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