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#Vote4Europe in the local elections on 4 May

All EU citizens living in the UK can vote (and stand) in local elections.

We are encourgaing all EU citizens and British citizens to vote tactically for Europe.

How does this work?

​Well first we need to identify those candidates who are are committed to keeping the UK in the EU, regardless of their party affiliation.

We are particularly interested in channeling attention and support towards candidates who are in marginal seats.

These are seats where the result can be swung one way or the other by the tactical votes of EU citizens and British Europeans (UK citizens who identify with Europe and value their European citizenship).

We will publish a list of such candidates and we will call on EU citizens and British Europeans in our networks to vote for these candidates.

In a letter to pro-European councillor candidates in marginal seats , Roger Casale wrote:


Dear Councillors, Dear Candidates

Votes of EU citizens and British Europeans in local elections

New Europeans is a civil society organisation which champions the rights of EU citizens - including their right to vote in local elections.

There are at least 3.3 million non-native EU citizens living in the UK – many will live in your ward.

EU citizens may therefore be able to play a decisive role in your election.

British Europeans (British citizens who value their European identity) may equally be persuaded to vote for a candidate who is prepared to defend the EU citizenship rights which UK citizens still enjoy.

We are preparing a list of marginal council seats that are being contested on Thursday, 4 May 2017 which can be won by candidates with a strong commitment to the cause of keeping Britain in the EU.

If you are standing for a marginal seat and would like to support this initiative, please send us a one paragraph bio, a photo and a short personal statement calling on EU citizens and British Europeans (i.e. UK citizens who care about their EU citizenship rights) to vote for you.

Send your reply to:

New Europeans will disseminate this information through our website, our social media accounts and through our stakeholder networks in your area.

We are particularly interested in candidates who have made a clear public statement to say that they will work for Britain to stay in the EU. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.

With best wishes.


Founder, and CEO, New Europeans


If you know of a pro-European candidate standing in a marginal seat please let us know by emailing:

For a list of areas where local elections are being held this year, click here.

To register to vote today click here








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