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What about making democracy capable of offering real alternatives for Europeans?

For many years we have been witnessing a Europe in havoc: endless economic crisis, the rise of the far-right and lack of consensus on how to move forward. In all these years few elected representatives have put forward a comprehensive vision of what should change in order for these things not to happen again.

Part of this is because our elected representatives are often puppets to their national agendas. For many, their thinking about a future for Europe begins and ends within their national borders. But this can now change. There’s a quiet debate going on in the corridors of the European Parliament. With Brexit approaching, people are wondering what to do with the empty seats British parliamentarians will leave. Some people have come up with an idea: let’s make European elections more capable of bringing real alternatives! How? By opening these seats to candidates that represent the whole Union, not just a single country.

It might sound like a no-brainer -- to represent the interest of all Europeans equally, one must have a vision and a plan for Europe, not just for a single country. But that’s not how elections for the European Parliament have worked so far. Brexit has paradoxically opened the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to elect candidates committed to protecting all citizens’ interests - and to bring alternatives for Europe. The European Parliament made a proposal in this direction just weeks ago, and EU countries will soon have to position themselves.

For the first time since the European Union was created we have a chance to make this happen - but only if we put enough pressure together.

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