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Statement on referendum outcome

New Europeans is a civil society organisation that works across Europe to champion the rights of European citizens and those who wish to become citizens of Europe, including the rights to free movement and non-discrimination.

We recognise that the referendum was a democratic expression of the will of the British people and we accept the outcome.

Our immediate priority since the referendum has been to safeguard the rights of EU citizens living in the UK and British citizens in the EU.

Working with a cross-party group of MPs as well as with representatives from both the Remain and the Leave camps outside parliament, we are campaigning for all EU citizens who were in the UK before the 23 June to be granted permanent residency

We are also working closely with our partner organisations to monitor and report on hate crime, and to bring diverse communities together through a process of dialogue, local activism and civic engagement.

In the UK and at European level, we continue to campaign for the principle of free movement and for the rights of EU citizens and those who seek to become EU citizens in the future.

New Europeans has an important role to play in protecting the rights and the interests of EU citizens as Britain prepares to rethink it’s relationship with the European Union,

We are appealing for members, volunteers and campaign funds to support this work. 


This statement was agreed by the Board of Trustees of New Europeans on 11 July 2016





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