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Statement from Marie-Noëlle Loewe

2016 has been a year of dramatic changes, the full consequences of which remain yet unclear.

But through events such as Brexit, the election of Trump in the US and rise in popular support for Marine Le Pen in France it has become clear that so many of the social and political achievements we have taken for granted for a long time are now under threat: Freedom of Movement, Liberalism, Human Rights - in short, the basics of a peaceful Europe. 

New Europeans is the organisation for everyone willing to defend these values, for everyone who believes in the potential of the European Union.  As a member of the board, I want to use my professional background in finance and politics to continue to steer and focus the direction of the organization. I want to help New Europeans grow as an organisation, attract new members and funding, and contribute to the debate on how to make Europe better and stronger by writing for the blog and attend debates and events.

The challenges ahead are big and plentiful for Europe. As Director for new Europeans, I want to play my part in facing them.


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