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Statement from Katharina Lawall

In 2016 I have contributed to New Europeans in various ways. During the EU Referendum campaign I gave my advice to campaign strategy sessions from a youth perspective and from the point of view of other organisations I am involved in. I also took an active role in the campaign itself by helping with volunteer coordination. Specifically, I set up and facilitated volunteer coordination through Trello groups during the campaign period and organised volunteer meet-ups.  I was also engaged in relations with other organisations and grassroots campaigns like Migrant Voice and Hug a Brit.  

When New Europeans was collaborating with the Wake Up Foundation, I contributed to the screening in London and organised a screening in Cluj-Napoca as part of the European Students Forum's youth conference on borders.  
Post-referendum, I hosted an information session for volunteers at Europe House, set up a new volunteering form and coordinated volunteering requests.  
Overall, I gave my advice to New Europeans through participation in team meetings and the away day of the Board in Oxford. 

As a director of NE, I would like to contribute to strengthening NE's appeal to young people as I believe this is a core group supporting the values and goals of NE. To make New Europeans’ post-Brexit sustainable without relying on external funding, I would also be keen on developing the membership's capacity to contribute to NE's campaigns and projects. As an active member of the European Students’ Forum, Young European Movement and the Your Vision for Europe project, I am happy help NE establish ties with other European youth organisations. Having lived and worked in various European cities, I would also be willing to support the set-up of NE branches in cities like Paris and Berlin.



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