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Registering to vote

EU citizens have the right to vote in European Parliamentary elections as well as in local and regional elections wherever they live in the European Union.

In Britain, EU citizens can vote inelections to the Scottish parliament, the Welsh Assembly as well as for the London Assembly and the London Mayor. They can also vote for their local councillor and local mayor.

With European Parliamentary elections due in May 2014 as well as local council elections in London, it is important that EU citizens register now to vote in their country of residence.

The electoral register is the list of everyone in the UK who is registered to vote.   You must be on the electoral register to vote in elections and referendums in the UK.  You are not automatically registered.  You can register to vote at any time by completing the form at:

You will need to type in the postcode of the UK address where you are currently resident.  Print off the form, complete the required details and sign.  Then post the form to your local Electoral Registration Officer whose details are indicated at the bottom of the form.  You will only need to supply your full name, your nationality, and your current address.   You can choose to vote by post.

Don’t leave it too late.   Register to vote now!

To coincide with the election to the European Parliament, elections are also taking place on 22 May 2014 for all 32 London boroughs, all 36 metropolitan boroughs, 76 second-tier district authorities, 20 unitary authorities and various mayoral posts, all in England.

Elections to the new councils in Northern Ireland will also be held on the same day. To promote integration and participation, Peace for Africa and Belfast Friendship Club are actively encouraging eligible migrants in Northern Ireland to register for voting. The NI Strategic Migration Partnership is also looking at ways to encourage migrant registration as part of European Local Democracy Week which is held in October. The Law Centre (NI) has clarified the legal position with the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland, read more about this here.

EU nationals living in Scotland will be able to vote in the 2014  referendum on whether Scotland should remain part of Britain, but they need to be on the electoral register to do so.

Paradoxically,  most EU citizens living in Britain would currently not be able to vote in a referendum on whether Britain should remain a member of the EU. The same is true of British people who have been living in continental Europe for more than 15 years. 




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