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Brexit fall out - the citizen's perspective

The economic and social impact of Brexit on citizens



 The economic impact of Brexit


Is there a Brexit brain drain?

Where are the skills gaps of the future and how will they be filled?

Will ending free movement lead to increases in real wages and productivity?



Brendan Donnelly, 

Director,The Federal Trust



Dr Heather Rolfe

Associate research director, National Institute for Economic and Social Research

Sue Ferns (invited)

Deputy Secretary General, PROSPECT


Tim Thomas

Director of Employment and Skills, EEF


Lennard van Otterloo

Brexit columnist in Dutch entrepreneur magazine De Ondernemer



PANEL 2     

 The social impact of Brexit


Who is leaving the UK, why are they leaving and what challenges do they face?

What happens if there is an “‘invasion from the Costa Brava”?

How will the health and social care sector be impacted by Brexit?



Jackie Minor

Former Head, UK Representation of the European Commission


Professor Louise Ryan

Co-director, Migration Research Group, University of Sheffield

Dr Majella Kilkey

Reader on Social Policy, University of Sheffield


Dr Michaela Benson

Reader in Sociology, Goldsmiths, University of London


Joan Pons Laplana 

Clincial Fellow, NHS Digital



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