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UN Anti-Racism Day London - Stand Up To Racism,

New Europeans took part in the UN Anti-Racism Day on 21 March 2014. Read further about the day here.

How the Daily Mail escaped censure - The Guardian, 17 Mar. 2014

Roy Greeslade, The Guardian, reports on Jon Danzig's campaign to win an apology from the Daily Mail for its exaggerated claims about an invasion from Romania and Bulgaria which never mater

Mobilising the European vote - The Guardian, 12 Mar. 2014

Matthew Taylor of the Guardian reports on our voter registration campaign, Wed. 12 March

Interview with Roger Casale - European Citizens Abroad (USA), 12 Mar. 2014

European Citizens Abroad is a network of activists based in the USA. Their aim is to promote the voting rights of EU citizens around the world.

Interview with Roger Casale (available in Polish and English) - Glosuj! , 10 Mar. 2014

The Polish online paper Glosuj! interview with New Europeans, March 2014. The interview is available in Polish and English.    

"Don’t waste your EU citizen's vote!" (available in Polish and English) - londynek, 3 Mar. 2014

This article was originally published in londynek, a Polish online paper, 3 March 2014

Reaching out to EU citizens in Southampton - BBC Sunday Politics, 2 Mar. 2014

BBC Sunday Politics featured our voter registration campaign and  interviewed Roger Casale in Southampton on 2 March 2014

„Votează! Votează! Votează!” (available in Romanian and English) - Ziarul Romanesc, 27 Feb. 2014

This article was published in the online paper Ziarul Romanesc and is available in both English and Romanian.

Retraction of 'fully booked flights and buses from Romania and Bulgaria' - Daily Mail, 24 Feb. 2014

The Daily Mail have just published a retraction of their story about 'floods of Romanians and Bulgarians' coming to the UK.

Surprise results of New Europeans "Poll of Poles" for The Sunday Times - Polonia TV 24, 12 Feb.2014

New Europeans were commissioned to conduct a "Poll of Poles" in the UK

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