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Our new campaigns - Algarve Daily News, 29 Jun. 2014

New Europeans is reaching out to the British expat community in Europe, not least because their votes in an in/out refrendum on Britain's membership of the EU could be decisive.

Free movement is here to stay - The Observer, 8 Jun. 2014

New Europeans wrote to the Observer to champion free movement and the rights of European citizens who live outside their home member states.

Is Cameron shifting right on migration? - Polish Daily News, 5 Jun. 2014

This article and interview with Roger Casale was first published by Polish Daily News, 5 Jun. 2014

EU citizens claim UK denied them a vote - Huffington Post, 23 May 2014

Our partners European Citizens Abroad were quick to notice that many EU citizens were reporting that they had been denied the vote at the European elections in the UK.

Why is racism the biggest debate in the European elections? - Huffington Post, 22 May 2014

Oana Romocea continues her series in the Huffington Post with an article about how racism came to dominate the European

Interview with Roger Casale (in Bulgarian and English) - Duma , 22 May 2014

Roger Casale was interviewed by the award-winning Bulgarian journalist Velislva Dareva for the publication Duma in Bulgaria.

London election hustings (in French and English) - France 24, 21 May 2014

FRANCE 24  caught up with New Europeans just before the European elections in London.  

Interview with Isis Acosta and Roger Casale - BBC, 19 May 2014

The BBC spoke to New Europeans about the European election campaign and EU voters.

Jon Snow interview with Oana Romocea - Channel 4, 19 May 2014

Is Nigel Farage a racist? Are UKIP a racist party? Or is this a massive diversion from the real issues we should be addressing in the European elections?

Immigration debate dominates election - Voice of Russia, 16 May 2014

On the eve of the elections, Voice of Russia in London put together a series of interviews to discuss the role that immigration had played in the campaign.

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