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Top award for group leading efforts to protect citizens' rights post Brexit

New Europeans has been honoured with the Schwarzkopf Europe Award 2019, following an online poll across Europe amongst young people aged 35 or under. The “Schwarzkopf Europe Award” is awarded to institutions or public figures who have distinguished themselves in an outstanding way by a committed and dedicated service to either European understanding or the growing together of Europe.

Group again asks for clarity on citizens' rights

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed that the UK will offer “unilateral guarantees” for the 3.5 million EU27 citizens who live and work in the UK, but little or nothing has been said about Britons in Europe being offered similar guarantees.  

Where is our rights guarantee, Britons living in EU ask May

Campaigners for the rights of Britons in the EU have described Theresa May’s failure to mention them in her statement on the Brexit negotiations as “disgraceful” and called on the UK and the EU to both guarantee their entitlements after Britain leaves.

The biggest lesson for Europeans from Brexit

Having made so much before the financial crash about the importance of building a Europe of the citizens (“We the men and women, citizens of Europe, have united for the better” Berlin Declaration, 2007), European leaders are now struggling to articulate a positive vision for Europe’s future grounded on the experience and participation of citizens.  

Democracy at risk in the heart of Europe: Why non-Belgians should vote in local elections in Brussels

What is the best way to keep your commune clean, improve social services or help stop drug dealing in your neighbourhood?  

EU Citizens apply to stay - The Big Issue in the North

A pilot scheme that allows some EU citizens living in the North West to apply for “settled status” in the UK has been cautiously welcomed by campaigners.

UK unveils post-Brexit EU citizen settlement scheme

Home Office promises online fast-track registration process with staff available to help

Brits in Europe need free movement

The state of Brits' free movement rights is currently uncertain. For a while we gave up on ever being able to keep enjoying this right after Brexit. 

Brexit: Campaigners warn of 'confusion' over UK's proposed 'settled status'

A campaign group says the current EU and UK positions on post-Brexit citizens’ rights are as “clear as mud.”

Labour missing an electoral trick by refusing to oppose Brexit

Labour is missing a huge electoral opportunity by refusing to back remaining in the EU, a conference has been told.

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