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Could this EU Green Card save freedom of movement for Britons in Europe? - The Local

Imagine a card that would let Brits in Europe keep freedom of movement and all the rights of EU citizenship after Brexit. It might sound like fantasy but one organisation is leading the way to make it happen. We spoke to the campaign's founder.

White Paper sounds death knell for freedom of movement

Few issues divide Britain from the rest of the EU as much as attitudes towards free movement, says Roger Casal for the Parliament Magazine.

A Bruxelles l'Ordine della Stella d'Italia a dieci Italiani e Belgi che hanno dimostrato il loro amore per l'Italia

Ieri sera, l’Ambasciatrice d’Italia presso il Regno del Belgio, Elena Basile, nel corso di una significativa cerimonia organizzata presso la residenza, ha proceduto alla consegna

Civil society organisations mobilise for a day of Civic Pride - No Day Without us

Everyday our democratic, independent civil society organizations and movements work, provide assistance and care or services for millions of people, advocate, mobilise people and protest, contributing to make the Universal Declaration of Human Rights promise a reality.

Brexit is not going to happen

Fresh elections, a second referendum, or both. That’s the prediction of Roger Casale, former Labour lawmaker and founder of New Europeans, a group campaigning for a 'green card' for Britons and EU nationals.

Top award for group campaigning for post Brexit citizens' rights

The campaign group New Europeans has won the CiDAN Citizenship and Human Rights Prize for its Green Card proposal to secure onward mobility (free movement) rights post Brexit for Britons in Europe and to protect EU27 citizens in the UK from discrimination.

Maastricht Manifesto marks 25 years of Treaty

Participants from across the EU converged on Maastricht on Thursday to sign the so-called “Maastricht Manifesto” which calls for the “fulfilment of the Maastricht promise to create a Europe of Citizens.” The treaty was one of the most important in EU history as it paved the way for the introduction of the single currency, arguably the bloc's biggest ever achievement.

Maastricht e il sogno di una repubblica europea

In occasione dell’anniversario del trattato che introdusse il concetto di cittadinanza condivisa, si moltiplicano le iniziative per rilanciare l’unione dei cittadini.

The Maastricht Treaty 25 years on

Politicians like to commemorate their role in the signing of treaties, but nothing changes in the everyday life of citizens until the treaty actually comes into effect. In the case of the Maastricht treaty, that date was 25 years ago, on 1 November 1993.

Number of transnational candidates set to rise in European elections

EU citizenship confers the right to stand in elections to the European Parliament outside your home member state, explains Roger Casale.

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