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Petitioning the European Parliament

Submitting a Petition

EU citizens or residents of the EU may submit a petition to the European Parliament on a subject which comes within the EU’s remit.

The petition may present a request or a complaint concerning the application of EU law or it may appeal to the European Parliament to adopt a position on a specific matter.

Such petitions give the European Parliament the opportunity to draw attention to any infringement of a European citizen's rights by the authorities in any  member state or local authorities or by any other EU institution.

It is also possible for organisations and associations to petition the European Parliament

For more information on how to petition the European Parliament:

The 15-year Rule

New Europeans are currently working with the British Community Association in Paris to promote a petition on ending the 15-year rule which prevents British citizens who have been living in another EU state for more than 15 years from voting in general elections.

The progress of petitions can be followed on the website of the European Parliament’s Petitions Committee:

“Right2water" citizens' initiative  

The universal right to clean water and not liberalising water supply will be the key issues discussed in the first-ever European Parliament hearing in response to a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI). An ECI entitles the public to ask the EU for new legislation, provided it is signed by 1 million citizens from at least seven EU countries. See (17 February 2014)


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