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Petition to Michel Barnier and David Davis MP

We the undersigned, respectfully ask that Commissioner Barnier, on behalf of the Article 50 Task Force and the Rt.Hon. David Davis MP on behalf of the UK government, give attention in the next and in subsequent rounds of the negotiations about the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union, to a Green Card for Europe which, when used in conjunction with settled status or permanent residency of a participating state (in this case any EU member state and/or the United Kindgom), would have the effect of enabling all the rights previously enjoyed by transnational citizens by virtue of the fact that they were EU citizens resident in another EU member state.

These rights include:

* the right to freedom of movement within the European Union

* the rights to vote and stand in local elections

* the right to vote and stand in European elections

* the right to petition the European Parliament

* the right to appeal to the European Parliamentary Ombudsman

* the right to consular assistance outside the EU


To sign the petition click here

As well as signing the petition, it would be very worthwhile if you could take a few minutes to write to GuyVerhofstadt, Coordinator of the Brexit Steering Group in the European Parliament.

Click here for tips about how to write to Guy Verhofstadt and the Brexit Steering Group


We have launched a crowdfunding appeal to support the success of this initiative.

Click here to pledge your donation to the #GreenCard4Europe campaign


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