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Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) is a leading Polish think tank and an independent centre for policy research and analysis. Our mission is to contribute to informed public debate on key Polish, European and global policy issues. Our main areas of study include European policy, social and migration policy as well as civil society. The IPA has a team of in-house researchers/policy analysts and an extensive network of associate experts. We publish the results of our projects in research reports, policy papers and books, which are broadly disseminated among government officials and civil servants, academics, journalists and civil society activists. Every year the IPA hosts dozens of various events: conferences, seminars and workshops with the participation of key policy and opinion makers. Our experts regularly comment on current policy issues in media. We are active as members of many international networks and associations, including PASOS and European Partnership for Democracy.

Citizens UK is the national home of community organising and the biggest and diverse alliance of over 350 civil society organisations in the UK – faith congregations, schools, universities, unions, NGOs and ethnic organisations. Through our membership we relate to over 500 000 citizens. CUK aims to develop active leaders in public life, strengthen civil society institutions, and to build networks between civic institutions to increase their participation in a democratic process on a local and national level. By empowering community leaders and institutions in this way, citizens are better equipped to achieve the changes they want in their community and hold people in power to account. Since 1989 CUK has trained over 10,000 community leaders to build relationships and campaign successfully on local and national issues. Our training practice is honed to work effectively in different civic contexts and is tailored to the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural needs of communities.

 New Europeans is a civil society organisation promoting the value and principles of European citizenship and promoting awareness of the rights of European citizens, to live, work and study in member states across the European Union. We promote inclusion and participation for EU citizens living outside their own member states, including the exercise of their voting rights. We undertake research, surveys and campaigns, we provide a platform for EU nationals. We engage with think tanks, research groups and civil society organisations, including The Migration Observatory, IPPR, the TUC, the Open Society and Bite the Ballot in the UK. New Europeans is engaged with young European citizens exercising their right to free movement studying in the UK through various university groups and the Erasmus Student Network. It has links to networks in other member states, France, Portugal, Germany and Italy as well as being member of two EU-wide networks, European Civic Forum and Volonteurope.

 The German Institute for Community Organizing (DICO) has over fifteen years of experience of broad-based community organizing in Germany and initiated this form of engaged citizenship in Germany. In Berlin it brings together over eighty diverse civil society groups and reaches to at least 25,000 people. DICO is currently building a new community organisation of over forty diverse member institutions in Cologne. Its goal is to strengthen community (locally, regionally, and country-wide) through the cooperation of people, organizations and institutions to promote a vibrant, open, multi-ethnic and democratic civil society in Germany. It provides advice and support to individual citizens and groups seeking to participate in organizing efforts. It campaigns on issues of social and economic justice which come out of direct engagement with its members. The campaigns are run by community leaders trained and developed by professional community organisers.

This project is kindly funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Commission.


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