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Our Stories: Ricky Lawton

My name is Ricky Lawton, I am from Liverpool originally. I am now doing a PhD in Environmental Economics at York University.

Our Stories: Lukasz Filim

Our Stories: Luciano Colleoni

My name is Luciano, I am Italian, and I come from Bergamo in the north of Italy. I am a clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst and a group psychoanalyst. I first came here about 4 years ago. My wife was doing a PhD at the LSE. At the time I was working in the South of Italy, managing projects working on criminal organisations in the violent areas, on the outskirts of Naples, Rome, Palermo and Bari.

Our Stories: Karina Deyanova

Our Stories:Dan Klein

My name is Dan, and I am from Cambridge. I started working in Europe in the mid-nineties.

Our Stories: Anna van Lidth

My name is Anna. I am originally from Stratford-upon-Avon.

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