Settled status information session in Sutton

Together with the AIRE Centre and with the help of COM.IT.ES, New Europeans held an information session on the EU Settlement Scheme for the Italian community in Sutton. Italian citizens were provided with an engaging overview of the EU Settlement Scheme by Ms. Peykova of the AIRE Centre and had the opportunity to voice their questions and concerns with regard to the Scheme.  

Home Office releases statistics for EU Settlement Scheme

The Home Office has released statistics on applications made to the EU Settlement Scheme. The report notes: "The number of applications received in June 2019 was 121,000. Overall, the total number of applications received up to 30 June 2019 was 909,300.  

Hungarian Government’s declared migrant ‘crisis’ does not correspond to reality and leads to human rights violations, says UN expert

An expert from the UN has said that “politicisation of the issue of migration in Hungary has scapegoated migrants,”  and called on the Government to re-evaluate its stance and immediately stop proclaiming it is confronting a “crisis situation”.

Verena Ringler calls for the appointment of an EU Citizen Commissioner

Verena Ringler, an EU strategist and member of New Europeans, is calling for the creation of an EU Citizen Commissioner.

Qu’est-ce que le théâtre politique? -

Qu’est-ce que le théâtre politique? Un théâtre militant qui cherche à mobiliser le spectateur pour une cause précise.

Viktor Orbán calls for all EU funding to be cut to NGOs working in Hungary

The Hungarian government continues to put pressure on NGOs and the civic space, the democratic and human rights environment in which all civil society organisation operate in Hungary.

Statement on unsuitability of Balázs Hidvégi's nomination as Vice-Char of LIBE

The European People's Party (EPP) has proposed the nomination of Balász Hidvégi, Orban’s former chief spokesperson, as the new vice-chair of the European Parliament's LIBE committee (Civil liberties, justice and rule of law) in the European Parliament.

"Nous le peuple européen" au Festival d'Avignon !

Une pièce à ne pas manquer ! Des comédiens & comédiennes talentueux et talentueuses qui portent avec charme et force un texte très bien écrit, sur une notion d'Europe Humaine magnifiquement incarnée !

Caputova: V4 Can’t Only Be about Protecting Regional Interests

“It has to be about promoting democratic values, the values of freedom and the rule of law and values of European integration, as was stated in the original agreement on whose basis the V4 was created.'  President Caputova

Interview with Veronika Móra, Director of Ökotárs, Civilization network, Hungary

The atmosphere of insecurity in Hungary has a chilling effect on civil society organizations, particularly those in rural areas.

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