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Brexit Britain, beware: the supply of Europeans is drying up

The migration advisers’ report shows free movement has been good for the UK – and when it ends, there will be consequences according to Professor Jonathan Portes of King’s College London, and the UK in a Changing Europe programme.

We weep for Catalonia, Spain and Europe

We cannot but be rightly appalled at the treatment handed out to democratically elected representatives of the Catalan parliament, other officials who supported the referendum and the Catalan leader Carlos Puigdemont.

Has the EU been using the free movement rights of Britons in Europe as a bargaining chip?

The thorny issue of citizens’ rights after the UK exits the EU will be discussed by MEPs at a meeting in Parliament next week, writes Martin Banks of The Parliament Magazine.

UK making poor progress in socio-economic rights protection and it could get worse

A report by the EHRC report says that deep concerns remain regarding the protection of socio-economic rights in the UK. And things could get worse as the UK leaves the EU. 

New project in Scotland gives EU citizens opportunity to find out more about their rights

A group bringing together migrants’ groups, voluntary organisations, and lawyers has launched a new project to make sure EU citizens in Scotland know about their rights after Brexit.

Romania en Marche

Former Romanian PM Victor Ponta wants to create a new pro-European, progressive space — if he can stay out of jail.

Slovak president rejects new government

Slovakia’s president, Andrej Kiska, on Tuesday refused to approve a new government proposed by new Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini, criticizing the choice of interior minister, Josef Ráž, the son of a popular rock singer and owner of a hip club in the capital Bratislava.

Students demonstrate for better education in Hungary

Supporters of the Diák Vagyok (I am a student) movement staged a demonstration in Budapest on Thursday, demanding changes to the education system and involvement in decision-making.  

Phoney war may be nearly over as Barnier and Davis agree draft text - but still much work to be done on details

Mr Barnier and Mr Davis appear to have concluded a draft agreement to prepare for the UK's withdrawal from the EU - but there are still quite a lot of questions left hanging.

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