MEPs back election scandal probe

It has been claimed that as 1.6m EU citizens in the UK may have been denied the vote in the European parliamentary elections on 23 May as a result of complex registration procedures.

Don't let idea of social Europe become a footnote to history

Is the EU's strategic plan, which was agreed by European leaders at the EU Council in Brussels on 21 June, fit for purpose?

Civil society organisations call on EU leaders to find a new way forward

As the EU Council prepares to meet this week for the first time since the European elections, civil society organizations are calling for a change of direction.

Orbán turns the screw on the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and throws down another gauntlet to Europe

The Orban government is breaking up the Hungarian Academy of Sciences  in a very brutal way which means that all the research institutes will lose their academic aut

The Europe we want is a Europe made by and for the citizens - Olivier Védrine

As a board member of New Europeans, I would like to say thank you to the Schwarzkopf Foundation for the honour they have bestowed on New Europeans as the 2019 recipient of the Europe Award.

Speech on the occasion of the the presentation of the Europe Award to New Europeans - Madeleina Kay

I am thrilled to be here today to give the Jury statement after we nominated New Europeans organisation for the Schwarzkopf Europe award.

Let's make freedom of movement a reality - Maria Laura Franciosi

My congratulations to New Europeans for receiving the very important Schwarzkopf Award which was handed on June 3rd to its Founder Roger Casale and team members.

The Europe I want has porous borders - Kate Sotejeff-Wilson

The Europe I want has porous borders – not only internally, so that freedom of movement and the right to work in other member states are guaranteed, but also externally, so that people can migrate in and out easily.

MPs back call for inquiry into #DeniedMyVote

A cross-party group of MPs led by Layla Moran MP have written to the Chair of the Electoral Commission and the Cabinet Secretary calling for an inquiry into the #DeniedMyVote scandal.

Nine takeaways from #EP2019

The first months of this year have been a very interesting period. It was our first time to campaign for the European Parliament (EP) elections: one of us as a civic society campaigner for Alliance 4 Europe, and the other one as candidate Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for Volt Belgium.

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