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Message from Sonja Stuchtey - Alliance4Europe

Dear New Europeans It is our shared European home that we build as civil society groups – especially when the voices of politics seem to miss the needs and desires.

Message from Ken Sweeney - Europa United

New Europeans has been tirelessly working to promote this along with many other initiatives and campaigns and continues to be one of the leading civil rights organisations in Europe.

Letter from István Hegedűs - Hungarian Europe Society

I would like to congratulate you on the Europe Award that New Europeans have received from Schwarzkopf Foundation.   

An example of best practice - Islington Council

Here is a summary of the work our elections team did to support EU citizens to register to vote in Islington if they wished:

Calls for public inquiry after up to two million EU citizens in the UK were unable to vote in European elections

"The Brexit Party which won most votes is committed to taking UK out of the EU and ending free movement. It is unlikely they would have won same number of seats in #EP2019 if EU citizens and Britons in Europe had been allowed to vote."  Roger Casale  

Launch a public inquiry into the #DeniedMyVote scandal

As soon as voting began on 23 May in the European elections in the UK, it became clear that EU citizens were being turned away at polling stations.

EU citizens denied vote in EU elections to sue government

As Government prepares to face legal challenge and compensation claims from #EUCitizens in respect of #DeniedMyVote scandal, it may rue the day it ignored our letter t

MEPs up in arms as up to two million EU citizens denied vote in UK

Two UK MEPs have hit out after it emerged that between one and two million EU citizens living in the UK were denied a vote in the European elections on Thursday.

Letter from the European Commission

New Europeans contacted the European Commission on 5 May to alert officials to the prospect that there would be widespread voter disenfranchisment of EU citizens at the

Up to two million EU citizens living in the UK could have been denied the chance to vote in the European elections

Up to two million EU citizens living in the UK could have been denied the chance to vote in the European elections because of councils’ failure to register them in time, a campaign group warned on Thursday.

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