Interview with Valery Solovei

On 30 January, Valery Solovei, political scientist, historian, and former head of  Public Relations at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), was interviewed by Olivier Védrine for EuTalk and The Russian Monitor on the Russian opposition's future.

Five reasons why the UK Government’s decision to exit Erasmus was a mistake

There is growing momentum behind the campaign to reverse the UK Government’s decision to exit the European Union’s Erasmus programme, the largest international education programme in the world.

European Civic Forum condemnation for rule of law breaches on Croatian border with Bosnia

On Saturday 30 January, four Italian Members of the European Parliament, Pietro Bartolo, Brando Benifei, Pierfrancesco Majorino, Alessandra Moretti, were prevented by the Cro

Brexit nightmare: young Greek citizen detained at Heathrow for 7 days

The painful effects of Brexit were experienced, in the most nightmarish way, by a 26-year-old Greek man who travelled to London to see his girlfriend but was detained for a whole week

Thousands face catastrophic loss of rights as EUSS deadline looms

A new report into the situation of EU workers in British care homes has highlighted the risk that thousands will fall foul of the legal requirement for them to register their status in the UK before a government deadline expires on 30 June 2021.  

Citizens are taking over Europe

The vision of a dynamic and participatory Europe, requires the involvement in its narrative of more citizens coming from different backgrounds; taking advantage of the diversity and the variety of cultures that Europe offers.

Interview with Roger Casale for Financieele Dagblad

On 7 January, Roger Casale was interviewed by Mathijs Schiffers​ for the leading Dutch financial paper, Det Financieele Dagblad in preparation for a feature article on the Conference on the Future of Europe.

Declaration of Solidarity between Europeans

We citizens of Europe unite in solidarity to declare our commitment to peace, freedom and democracy. 

Value of UK citizenship drops by 27.1% on Quality of Nationality Index

The UK's decision to end free movement and not just its membership of the EU will devalue British citizenship by over 27% on the Quality of Nationality Index.

The long and winding road (back to the EU)

On 24 December, the UK and EU signed a new Trade and Cooperation Agreement to govern their future trading and security relationship.

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