Constitution of the 9th legislature of the European Parliament

The 9th legislature of the European Parliament was officially constituted today in Strasbourg at 10.00 by outgoing President Antonio Tajani. 61% of the MEPs have been elected for the first time.

Feeling vulnerable and unwelcome: the impact of Brexit on EU nationals

Brexit has left EU nationals feeling vulnerable and sometimes unwelcome in the UK.  Sara Benedi Lahuerta and Ingi Iusmen (University of Southampton) carried out research among Polish nationals in Southampton, who explained how an increasingly hostile climate has affected them.

Campaign groups warn EU council not to abandon idea of a social Europe

Civil society actors have moved quickly to publish a critical assessment of the EU Council's new strategic agenda, fuelling further controversy about the scale and ambition of the plan

Opening statement to the UN Human Rights Council by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet

"I encourage all States to stand for countries that are strong, not because they attack the vulnerable, but because they protect the vulnerable. I urge them to stand for Governments that are powerful because they serve the people, not themselves. For justice systems that have the people's support because they support the people's rights.' Michelle Bachelet

MEPs back election scandal probe

It has been claimed that as 1.6m EU citizens in the UK may have been denied the vote in the European parliamentary elections on 23 May as a result of complex registration procedures.

Don't let idea of social Europe become a footnote to history

Is the EU's strategic plan, which was agreed by European leaders at the EU Council in Brussels on 21 June, fit for purpose?

Civil society organisations call on EU leaders to find a new way forward

As the EU Council prepares to meet this week for the first time since the European elections, civil society organizations are calling for a change of direction.

Orbán turns the screw on the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and throws down another gauntlet to Europe

The Orban government is breaking up the Hungarian Academy of Sciences  in a very brutal way which means that all the research institutes will lose their academic aut

Speech on the occasion of the the presentation of the Europe Award to New Europeans - Madeleina Kay

I am thrilled to be here today to give the Jury statement after we nominated New Europeans organisation for the Schwarzkopf Europe award.

Let's make freedom of movement a reality - Maria Laura Franciosi

My congratulations to New Europeans for receiving the very important Schwarzkopf Award which was handed on June 3rd to its Founder Roger Casale and team members.

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