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New Europeans Manifesto

The United Kingdom is in the grip of a national debate about the future of local communities, the rights and freedoms of British and EU citizens and about Britain's place in the world.

The referendum has brought into sharp relief the rights we enjoy as citizens of Europe and not just nationals of our own member states.

How can it benefit British citizens to lose these rights which give us freedom of movement, civil rights such as the right to vote in local and European elections and the right to non-discrimination?

How can it be in the UK's interest to give up the rights we enjoy at work or a whole series of protections as consumers of goods and services?

How are we to protect our environment, including air quality, without cooperation with our European partners, and adherence to EU standards.

Who will provide health and social care in our communities if freedom of movement is restricted?

Who will harvest the crops, including fruit and vegetables growing in our fields without the seasonal agricultural workers who come to the UK from Europe?

How will we fund science, innovation and research in our universities without the openness that Europe brings?

Far from making life simpler for local authorities, the Brexit vote will make the challenges they face more severe.

That is why we are calling on all candidates in the local and mayoral elections to support our ten manifesto demands.

Our 10 demands

1) Call on central government to grant a unilateral right to stay to all EU citizens in the UK.

2) Establish a consultative forum for EU citizens in the local area.

3) Publish an account of how the Brexit vote has caused local recruitment shortages in the hospitals, care homes  and social services.

Number of nurses coming to UK falls 90% since Brexit

4) Calculate how much extra council tax local residents will need to pay if EU funding is not replaced by central government in order for the same amount of money to be spent as before on local roads, schools, community education, health and wellbeing projects.

Loss of EU funding could have a devastating effect on local government

5) List the new council regulations that will have to be passed to replace EU regulations in relation to food safety, consumer protection and other matters.

Food standards could be weakened after Brexit

6) Publish statistics about the number of young people who will be deprived of the opportunity to take part in an Erasmus exchange.

What does Brexit mean for Erasmus?

7) Commit to higher environmental and air quality standards than currently required under EU law.

Government blames purdah for failure to publish new air quality strategy before election

8) Make an analysis of how much the local economy will lose due to the Brexit vote and the number of jobs that will be lost locally if Britain leaves the EU. Publish figures for the fall in take home pay that has already come about locally as a result of increased inflation.

UK growth lower than expected as inflation bites

9) Set up a race and hate crime hotline and reporting mechanism.


10) Work to retain Britain's membership of the European Union.

"The battle for staying in the EU is not over, and we continue to campaign on the issues raised in the Brexit process."

from The Green Party mini-manifesto in Oxford


No one will profit from the destruction of the most successful international partnership of modern times, the guarantor of peace in Europe.

We believe that the UK should not leave the European Union until this debate has been settled and a clear way forward has been embraced by both remain and leave voters alike.

It is time for communities to come together and for Britain to unite.

The Supreme Court has confirmed the sovereignty of parliament and so it must be for parliament to decide which path Britain will follow in the years to come.

As in any family, any community and any nation, the wise course of action is to keep all options open for as long as possible. In Britain's case, this must mean keeping the option of staying in the EU if all other options prove wanting.

It is also time for Europe to reflect on what needs to change to prevent the disintegration of the EU.














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