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The Maastricht Manifesto

We the citizens; young and old, of all colours, genders, races, creeds and abilities, here assembled in the Provincial Government Hall of Limburg, on the 25th anniversary of the entry into force of the Maastricht Treaty, 


- Recalling that we Europeans have "united for the better";

- Mindful that the EU was created not only to bring peace, but also to create an area of social justice;

- Recognizing that the aspiration of all free and equal people is to shape their own destiny by means of democratic participation in the institutions by which they are governed;

- Upholding the EU's values, of equality, diversity, freedom, solidarity, democracy, human rights and the rule of law;

- Rejoicing that the Maastricht Treaty laid the foundations for the EU to function as a European democracy;

Call on the citizens, cities, regions, states and institutions of the EU to:

* Make clear that the EU is not just a union of states and markets, but also a union of citizens, as stated in the Maastricht Treaty;

Fulfill the promise of the Maastricht Treaty to create an ever more inclusive union of citizens, by promoting new models of participatory democracy;

* Develop the Maastricht Treaty model of governance and so transform the EU into the first transnational representative democracy in the world;

* Respect the fundamental status of the rights of EU citizens established by the Maastricht Treaty and continue to meet international norms with respect to the treatment of migrants and refugees;

* Work for a Europe of social justice and equality, anchored in human rights as set out in the preamble to the Maastricht Treaty.



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