Visions for the future of Europe: Ervin Laszlo

Ervin Laszlo (Photo credit: SDG Thought Leaders Circle)
Ervin Laszlo (Photo credit: SDG Thought Leaders Circle)

‘We always talk about democracy, but we don’t practice it.’  These words from a short video clip by Ervin Laszlo, the Hungarian philosopher of science and systems theorist, are both a warning and an invitation, writes Jeannet Weurman. 

Watch Ervin Laszlo's video here

The warning is stark. If we don’t change how we live together on this planet, we won’t make it. 

The many crises that are destabilizing our world will get worse and others will follow – viruses, aggressive political leaders, and the utter devastation of our ecology. 

The invitation is magnificent. Crisis does not only bring danger, but also opportunity. 

Our unstable world is at a critical point of change. Things can shift up or down; we can move to a better future or to an accelerated decline. 

At such a time even a small nudge by a critical mass of people can make the difference. 

Now is the time for us to find wiser ways of living. We need to build a better world, and we must do it together. 

The Upshift Movement is an international, intercultural channel to allow this to happen. 

It is a real grassroots initiative. Laszlo is asking each of us to give our views on how we should move forward. He wants you to listen to your own heart and inspiration. 

How do you think we can build a more peaceful and sustainable life on our planet? Ideas or projects can be on any level, local or global. 

Ervin Laszlo gives some of his own thoughts in his new book, The Upshift, as well as some practical steps we can take right now.

To read an e-copy of The Upshift: Peace and Evolution on Planet Earth | Click here

If everyone gets actively involved, he says, we can renew and revitalise the spirit of democracy so that all voices are heard equally. 

We, with the rest of nature, have it within us to evolve through crisis, but we need to change how we see the world and how we act in it. We need to think creatively and inclusively - our values and behaviours, not laws, will decide our future. 

We need to:

  • Change our mindset – To live aligned with nature means thinking holistically. The web of life on the planet is one. A holistic politics focusses on what is good for the whole of humanity, for our entire ecosystem. 

  • Upshift our spirituality – We can develop a stronger sense of our spiritual nature by asking ourselves what is really important to us. Spirituality is about our felt connection with nature, life, and the universe.  

  • Update our science – The latest developments in science show that everything that exists is instantaneously and intrinsically connected. There is a natural coherence within and between all things. Consciousness pervades the universe. Cosmos and consciousness are one and transcend time and space. 

Now Laszlo wants to know what you think and help you connect with like-minded people. You can register your ideas by going onto the Upshift website

Think of it as a world-wide, community notice board. Put up your sticker with your ideas to join with others and make a difference!  

We will probably agree that wiser living will involve peace and sustainability, it doesn’t create divisions or conflict among people, and it doesn’t damage nature, but can we be more specific? How can we make these ideals a reality? 

A couple of paras or a page will be fine. 

Laszlo and his colleagues at the Laszlo Institute will look at your ideas and put you in touch with others who said similar things. If they need to know more about your idea or project, they will get back to you with some questions.

The idea is to form groups of people who want to collaborate on projects they are interested in. No one will ‘own’ the ideas, which will evolve as we move forward. 

This is your chance to be part of a group working for real, positive change. 

When they have looked at your ideas and grouped you with people with similar interests, you will be sent confirmation of your membership of the movement. You will receive a free e-booklet with more information as a welcome gift. 

The Laszlo Institute is going to hold another free online symposium on the New Paradigm in Sentience & Consciousness on May 14-15th 2022.

Commenting on the initiative, Roger Casale, founder of New Europeans International, said:

"Ervin Laszlo is a respected international thinker and one of the founders of the Club of Budapest. We are delighted to draw attention to his work at this critical time, when so many people are seeking new ways to come together for the common good in order to rebuild peace in Europe and meet the challenge climate change poses to our very survival."

About the author:
Jeannet Weurman is a member of New Europeans International










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