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How to use law to protect civic space



To  follow Polish affairs, you can do it in a couple of English language media:
Polish Radio: 
A very well-known and highly respected American journalist - and married to a Pole - Anne Applebaum, knows a lot about Poland and writes about it:
Twitter:   @anneapplebaum


Commitee of the Regions

Council of Europe

European Comission

European Court of Justice

European Parliament

European Economic and Social Committee

NATO Stratcom Centre of Excellence  ( in Riga, Latvia ):
See:    ( Motto: Be in the Know )

EU East Stratcom Task Force   ( in Brussels ):
Write to: 

 GEANET – and it has this web address:   

This service holds information about 7 million persons, has 4 million members and shows about 1,2 million “trees” of families.   Try it.  Perhaps you all of a sudden will find very interesting information about your family.


This is a special military cooperation between 9 EU countries  to support military operations decided in NATO and/or in the EU.  The participating countries are:  France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Poland, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Romania.   Denmark is not part of it.  Its headquarters is in Strasbourg in France.

EUROCORPS’ home page:


This is a special military cooperation between six European countries:  France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany ( Allemagne ), Belgium and Luxembourg.  The abbreviation FINABEL comes from the names of the countries.  The purpose of this cooperation is to promote an efficient interoperability between the land forces of the participating countries, i.e. their armies.  The FINABEL headquarter is in Brussels.

FINABEL’s website: 


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