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EU 27 Forum

The EU27 Forum exists to improve the representation of EU27 citizens. 

While Britain remains a member of the EU, EU27 citizens have the right to vote in local, and European elections  and in elections to the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh and Northern Ireland Assemblies but not in General elections (with the exception of Irish, Cypriot and Maltese citizens due to special arrangements in the case of Ireland and Commonwealth links in relation to Cyprus and Malta).

EU27 citizens resident in the UK did not have a vote in the EU referendum.

There is a historical lack of representation of EU 27 citizens in the UK parliament which New Europeans has been working to address since 2013, not least through the establishment of the All-Party Parliamentary Group.

However, with the prospect of Britains' withdrawal from the European Union. there is an even greater need for representation.

New Europeans sits on the Home Office User Group for Settled Status and is also a member of a number of UK-based and European bodies that champion the rights of EU27 citizens.

Through the EU27 Forum we aim to open up the existing channels of communication with government, civil society and the European institutions so that as many orgnaisations in the UK and abroad are represented as possible.

It is vital that negotiations about the future status of EU27 citizens in the UK (and Britons in the EU) are as open, transparent and accountable as possible.

That means that access to the key stakeholders cannot be the preserve of a handful of organisations and pressure groups but must be opened up to include the whole sector.

This is preceisly what we are seeking to do with the EU27 Forum.

As member of the forum, you will receive regular briefings about the lastest developments in relation to proposals for the Home Office 'Settled Status' scheme.

Any questions you have about the scheme will be raised with Home Office officials by the EU27 Forum and fed back to you in the next briefing.

We will raise your questions and concerns with the Members of Parliament who in turn will raise these matters in parliament.

The EU 27 forum was set up in 2017 at the request of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for EU Citizenship Rights and Freedom of Movement, chaired by Tom Brake MP.

Sir Peter Bottomley MP (Conservatives) , Andy Slaughter MP (Labour), Caroline Lucas MP (Green Party), and Pete Wishart MP are officers of the group.

New Europeans acts as the Secretariat.

To join the forum, please add your details here

The EU27 Forum is part of the service delivery work of New Europeans which is funded through grants and voluntary donations.


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