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Guide on Voting
Guide on Voting

Guide on Voting
Guide on Voting

Click on the link below to read about how the voting system works and how you can get involved politically as an EU citizen living in the UK. 

The Big Europeans Citizens Survival Guide on Voting

This booklet is a Living Rights project resource, written by New Europeans and designed for EU citizens who want to nd ways to get involved in their communities and to make their voices heard, as well as a guide for those who want to help others to do so.

The role of New Europeans in the Living Rights project is to encourage civic engagement of EU citizens in the UK.This could be taking part in a demonstration, or standing in an election! It could be knowing about the political structure of the UK, from Westminster to the local council and who to turn to with your concerns. It also could be getting involved in the community, from volunteering in a homeless shelter to creating a campaign around the issues that you care about.

We hope this booklet will inspire you!





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