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At least 50% of our board members are women
At least 50% of our board members are women

The Board of New Europeans Association Ltd consists of up to 12 members.

At least 50% of our board members must be women and at least 50% from other EU member states.

Role description

The role and responsibilities of our trustees are as follows:

Set and maintain vision, mission and values
Develop strategy
Establish and monitor policies
Set up employment procedures
Ensure compliance with governing document
Ensure accountability
Ensure compliance with the law
Maintain proper fiscal oversight
Select, manage and support the chief executive
Respect the role of staff
Maintain effective board performance
Promote the organisation

Person description

The qualities we are looking for in a trustee are as follows:

1.    Integrity
2.   Commitment to the organisation and its objectives
3.   Understanding and acceptance of the legal duties of trusteeship
4.   Willingness to devote the necessary time and effort to their trustee duties 
5.   Strategic vision
6.   Good, independent judgment
7.   Ability to think creatively
8.   Willingness to speak their mind
9.   Ability to work effectively as a member of a team 
10. Foreign language skills

Skills and experience 

We are particularly keen to recruit trustees with skills and experience in the following areas:

* Human Resources
* Sales and Marketing
* Media and communications
* Finance and administration
* Public Relations
* Government Affairs
* Strategic Planning
* Research and publishing

Trustee meetings

Board meetings will take place four times per annum.

Individual trustees may also be needed to attend sub-committee meetings at other times.

Regional diversity

We aim to ensure a diversity of nationalities on the board with at least two members if possible from or with experience of each of the following three regions:

North West Europe
UK&Ireland, Benelux, France, Germany, Baltic States and Scandinavia 

Central Europe 
Austria, Visegrad states, Slovenia, Romania and Bulgaria 

Southern Europe 
Spain & Portugal, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Cyprus, Malta

Remuneration and expenses

All trustee positions are unpaid. 

We reimburse expenses including UK travel.

Nomination process

Prospective trustees must be nominated by two members of New Europeans.

Valid nominations should be received by Monday, 2 July and will be sent to members on Wednesday, 11 July 2018.

New trustees will be appointed at  the Annual General Meeting on Monday, 16 July.

The New Europeans Association Board also has the power to coopt members following a nomination to the board by the chair.

Further information

If you have any questions about joining the board  or the nomination process, please email us at:

or contact us at:  

t. 0032 2 640 1665


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