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Volunteering is at the heart of our mission as an organisation.

As well as encouraging voter participation, we also promote active citizenship through volunteering.

Our volunteers don’t just support our activities.  They also  but also to inspire and motivate others and to shape our strategic direction by contributing their experience, energy and ideas.

We offer our volunteers the opportunity to make European citizenship a reality through active participation in our society.

Our volunteers are internationally-minded, from many different states both within and outside the EU and are highly mobile.

For all of us at New Europeans, the right to free movement means much more than simply being able to live, work, study and retire in any member state if one so chooses.

It means building a life as a European, way from one’s home nation with all the opportunities, risks and challenges that go with that.

Networking, sharing experiences, helping each other as Europeans to establish ourselves in a new environment is making free movement not just a reality but a great European success story.

That is what we aim to achieve at New Europeans, and why we ask you to join us.

Our activities

Our work is organised in four main areas: programmes, campaigns, events and research.

Our programmes consist of on-going projects, usually of a year or more’s duration, such as our on-going voter registration work to raise the level of voter participation amongst non-British EU citizens in the UK and British EU citizens living in other EU member states. We also run a series of meetings around the UK aimed at promoting the practical benefits of European citizenship.

Our campaigns are of shorter duration and issue-driven, such as our free movement, changing the narrative and vote denied campaigns. These bring us into contact e.g. with the House of Commons or the European Commission as well as with our stake-holders such as think tanks, universities, business and trade union organisations. We are always practical, constructive and solution oriented in our campaigns – we are not a protest group, valuable as many such groups are.

Our events are organised around the UK sometimes by New Europeans alone, but mostly in collaboration with our partner organisations. Recent examples have included the Europe Pride event at Europe House in London, and our Talking Europe events in Birmingham, Glasgow and Bristol.

Our research programme again focuses on both in-house work and work that we seek to draw attention to that has been carried out by our partners and stake-holders. We have a featured writers section on our website and active links with a number of university departments. We are also sometimes asked to carry out polling by organisations such as the Sunday Times.

Regional , European and international volunteering

We are looking to build a presence across the UK regions and and in several cities and locations within the EU and internationally.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about how you can help and become involved in your region – whether it be the South and East, the Midlands, the North of England or Wales, Scotland  or Northern Ireland.

Across the EU we are building on excellent contacts now established in France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Romania and Bulgaria to name but a few of the EU states where members of New Europeans are active.

There is a large European diaspora around the world and we are partenring with Europeans Throughout the World and European Citizens Abroad to devleop our networks internationally.

Volunteering opportunities with New Europeans

Currently we are looking for volunteers in the following areas:

* Trustees

* Campaign organizers

* Social media coordinators

* Administrators

How to take it further

If you would be interested in volunteering with New Europeans, please email [email protected] -  reference Volunteering .

We will send you a copy of our volunteer application form and volunteer agreement form


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