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How you can help the people of Ukraine

Through our networks and friends in Ukraine and our civil society partnerships in Europe, we are able to provide an information hub for initiatives and organisations that are supporting the people of Ukraine at this time of war.

We will keep this document updated regularly - please let us know of any further initiatives that we can add to the list.




MEDIA DIALOGUE  publishes news and background information about the war in Ukraine directly from partners and friends inside Ukraine as well as from the Belarus Journalists in Exile, and sources in Moldova, Georgia and Armenia. 

What you can do to help:  Follow and share on Facebook  and  YouTube



I SUPPORT UKRAINE connects people in need of help with the organizations best able to help them locally, free of charge, without advertising and without keeping any personal data. 

Find out more:   Watch here 

What you can do:   Follow and share on  Twitter,  Facebook, Insta and contact us if there is anything we can  lend a hand with.


3) VOVA KHOMENKO, (Warsaw)

VOVA KHOMENKO (PL) is a volunteer organiser living in Poland and known to us through Niels Wiese, from our partner organisation EU Democracy Lab.  He is raising funds to purchase medical kits for Ukraine which he sends to the frontline via a collection hub based in Lublin.

Find out more:  Watch here

What you can do to help:   Follow and share on Facebook and/or donate money via Paypal - [email protected]



Faced with untold humanitarian tragedy, and the blatant violations of international law committed by Putin in Ukraine, universities, and their partner organisations have a moral responsibility to actively defend international law and the rule of law, and do what they can to help stop the excruciating human suffering that Russian aggression in Ukraine, and to show solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

Find out more:  Watch here





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