„Votează! Votează! Votează!” (available in Romanian and English) - Ziarul Romanesc, 27 Feb. 2014

This article was published in the online paper Ziarul Romanesc and is available in both English and Romanian.

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New Europeans launched the second part of its campaign to register non-British EU citizens in the UK to vote in the local and European elections, under the slogan "V! V! V "(Vote!Vote! Vote!).  At an event at Europe House, London, community ambassadors were appointed to represent European citizens from all EU member states who live and work in the UK.

The ambassadors will reach out to community leaders, groups and consulates and are the key contact points between European election campaign teams and national communities. They will distribute letters, which will include information on voting rightsmand on the registration procedure for all EU expats. The letters are signed jointly by New Europeans and cultural organizations in the communities and have been translated into each of the national languages..

In addition, New Europeans have appointed community ambassadors in Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Denmark. Their taks is to help mobilize British citizens living in other EU countries to register and vote.

New Europeans’ voter registration campaign is now in its third week.  The campaign is raising awareness about the European and local elections this year. The 2.5 million citizens from other EU member states, who live temporarily or permanently in the UK , and the 2.2 million British citizens living in Europe. Are all entitled to vote.

Register to vote in these elections! Romanians have the right to vote for candidates in the UK at the European Parliament

The first phase of the New Europeans campaign focused on sending letters to three communities of EU citizens: Italian, Polish and Romanian. They were chosen because they represent three different waves of EU citizens who have settled in the United Kingdom since 1975, when the UK joined the European Union. The campaign is supported by the Romanian Cultural Centre in London.

Roger Casale, Chair of New Europeans, said: "If we include British citizens living abroad, citizens of the European Union make up almost 10% of the electorate for European elections in the UK."

"Their votes can change the outcome in many places. These elections are a great opportunity for EU citizens to make their voices heard . We need your help to ensure that all EU citizens are registered to vote. "


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