Michael Arapis

Honorary Treasurer of New Europeans Association Ltd. and Coordinator, New Europeans Wales

Michael was born in Athens, Greece and lives permanently in the United Kingdom since 2002.

He is based in Cardiff, the Capital of Wales, where he studied Law with a specialisation in Commercial Law (LLB in Commercial Law). He also holds a Masters in Law (LLM in International Commercial Law). He is conducting Postgraduate research in the area of Cybercrime and Terrorism at Swansea University Law School, where he is studying for an MA.

He has worked for some leading law firms in Cardiff. He is a Public Relations Consultant and he organises and manages events. He acquired considerable experience in the area of Public Administration due to his administrative work on several hospitals of the National Health Service (NHS) in South Wales. He is an experienced interpreter in events and conferences where he interprets from English to Greek and Greek to English.

He is very active socially and wants to contribute to his local community, thus he is a Governor of St Mary The Virgin, Church In Wales, Primary School in his ward Butetown-Cardiff Bay, where he stood as a candidate for the Council Elections in 2017.

Furthermore, he is the Vice-President and the Public Relations Officer of the Greek Orthodox Community of Cardiff and South Wales.

As a prominent campaigner and activist, he is fighting in order to safeguard the rights of the 3.8 million EU citizens from other EU countries who reside in the UK and the 1.8 million UK Citizens who reside in other EU Countries.

He has been very active in Pro-European organisations and is the Honorary Treasurer of the National Board of the New Europeans Association Ltd. Moreover, as the Chair of the New Europeans in Wales he is campaigning for the retention of the existing right to vote in the Welsh Assembly and Council elections, for the EU Citizens who reside in Wales, even if the UK leaves from the European Union.

He is the Director of the Hellenic Institute of Cultural Diplomacy in Wales, the only Greek scientific NGO which represents cultural diplomacy.

He is a frequent public speaker and he is often invited to speak on major Greek TV networks and radio stations in the UK and Greece. Statements and interviews of his have been featured on well-respected newspapers such as The Times, The Guardian, Kathimerini (the most respected Greek newspaper) and others.

Due to his legal specialisation on Article 50 and how a Member State can withdraw from the EU, he is the author of articles for well-established organisations such as the independent think tank Gorwel (the Welsh Foundation for Innovation in Public Affairs).

Michael writes articles on a weekly basis for the London based Greek newspaper “Eleftheria” and other Athens based newspapers (Koinoniki). He campaigns for the enforcement of the constitutionally enshrined right of Greek citizens who live abroad, to vote in the Greek National Elections in the Embassies and Consular authorities of their country of residence.

He envisions the creation of a structure for the organisation and adequate representation of the Greek Community in the UK, so that the people will be supported especially due to the upcoming Brexit.

He is also campaigning, for the reopening of the Honorary Consulate of Greece in Cardiff, in order to serve the Greek Community of Wales and Southwest England.

Michael is a member of several political and cultural organisations across the UK; holding key positions in several of them. He is the Public Relations Officer of the Peloponnesian Association of Great Britain and a member of the Pontian Society of the United Kingdom. 

He has served as the Youth Officer of the Welsh Council of the European Movement (WCEM). Moreover, he is the former Chair of the Young European Movement (YEM) for Wales.

Additionally, he has served as a member on the board of the executive council of the lawyers association Rights Liberties Justice and is a member of the Lloyd George Society.

"It is a great honour to be an officer for this organisation.  As a campaigner and an EU Citizen it is very important for me to fight against Brexit and for the rights of the EU Citizens in the UK and the UK Citizens in the EU."



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