Retraction of 'fully booked flights and buses from Romania and Bulgaria' - Daily Mail, 24 Feb. 2014

The Daily Mail have just published a retraction of their story about 'floods of Romanians and Bulgarians' coming to the UK.

Read the retraction here

Claims even Government minister Lord Wallace described in the House of Lords as ‘absurd’ and ‘entirely untrue’.

Investigative journalist Jon Danzig brilliantly exposed the Daily Mail’s claims by researching them line-by-line and demonstrating with evidence that they were false.

The false claims inflamed a very negative, hostile atmosphere towards EU citizens from Romania and Bulgaria and a fostered a climate of scaremongering and scapegoating towards EU Citizens in general.

Jon has done a huge service to us all and this is a victory not just for the truth but for all those who are not prepared to sit back and do nothing when such nasty, poisonous and false stories are pumped out by the press to undermine confidence in our rights as EU citizens and to eat away at community cohesion.

New Europeans are proud to have played a small part in helping Jon to research this story by putting him in touch with Alina Matis, Chief foreign Editor of Il Gandul in Bucharest (and organisers of the “Why Don’t You Come Over” campaign).

Jon was able to contact the bus companies and airlines quoted in the Daily Mail and get line-by-line on the record denials of the statements reported by the Daily Mail.


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