Michal Siewniak


Michal Siewniak has been living in the UK since June 2005. Before coming to the UK, he lived in Zagreb (4 years) and Tuscany (1 year).

Michal works in the community voluntary sector. He supports the needs of different community groups with advice and advocacy and helps build the organisational capacity of these groups. He liaises with appropriate bodies and works in partnership to maintain awareness of needs of minority groups.

"Volunteering is essential in terms of creating a thriving and successful society which we all want to be part of.  In many ways, volunteering proves that the local community and voluntary sector plays an integral part in making our local neighbourhoods vibrant and it also helps to create opportunities for social, cultural and economical growth”. 

He has a Master’s Degree in History and I am specialized in the History of Ex – Yugoslavia. I also worked in a secondary school in Watford (English as Additional Language Interpreter and Integration Mentor) and briefly in retail.

Michal is an excellent linguist and speaks Polish, English, Croatian and Italian.

"I don’t want to see Europe divided again. My experience has taught me that we must work together to address the global issues. I don’t want us to take a step back. I would like us all to recognize and champion diversity and challenge prejudice.

New Europeans is doing a fantastic job giving a platform to all who cherish their European citizenship rignts and the vlaues that underpin them. I am proud to be able to be part of the team taking this work forward for the next generation of Europeans."


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