Slovenia added to Civicus Monitor list

As Slovenia takes over the EU Presidency, NGO European Civic Forum has recently added it to the watch-list of states witnessing a decline in civil rights.

New Europeans Annual Review

  This has been a year of growth for New Europeans despite the pandemic, during which we have developed our profile as an influential opinion-former within the European Union as well as a growing presence internationally.

Spontaneous acts of solidarity with Belarus

I come originally from the South-East part of Poland. I was 10 when the Berlin wall collapsed and I must admit that I didn’t grasp the importance of these historical events, for my native country as well as the whole of Europe. 

How great is the idea of a European Review of Books?

New Europeans' member Sander Peij is part of an exciting new project to make an English-language magazine that resists, or plays with, the seeming hegemony of English. Find out more!

Feeling European - Greece celebrates 40 years of EU membership

The President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, is visiting Athens on Thursday and Friday, 27-28 May, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Greece’s accession to the EEC.

Not for the first time, the UK Government is using EU citizens as propaganda

Not for the first time, the UK Government is using EU citizens as propaganda

Ask not what Europe can do for you

On 5 May, the Council of Europe, the oldest and most comprehensive organisation of European integration with 47 member states, celebrates its 72nd anniversary.

Under the boot of the dictator - news from Belarus

Olga Kostukevich has been part of the peaceful protests in Belarus since August 2020 when President Lukashenko falsified the election and scaled up the instruments of state repression. This is her first hand report aout the situation there.

Unlocking the spirit of Europe – European Bildung Day 2021

How did we all develop a national identity, and can we develop a European identity as well? What is bildung, and why would anybody need two days for it?

A proposal for a 21st Century European Championship

Two journalists passionate about both football and Europe propose a tournament that replicates the national championships of different series on a European scale. 

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