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Why International Workers' Day is so important - right now amid coronavirus!

New Europeans member and scientist Iris Hilker, who lives her life between her home in the German border-city of Aachen and the Netherlands and France, shares  her experience of May Day growing up in Western Germany and of coming into contact with other European cultures. 

It takes our breath away

We take breathing for granted as being ordinary, normal and natural. We usually do not give it a thought. This is where Covid-19 attacks humans, in a vulnerable place we take for granted.

Can the European Union live with autocratic regimes?

In times of confinement and uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic,  public opinion is focusing on the short-term and immediate matters of public health: flattening the curve of the dissemination of the virus and the response of the national health services to the unfolding tragedy.

Everything is possible - including another kind of Europe

After WWI, the UK Minister of Foreign Affairs , Lord Balfour, called upon the international community to “provide an effort worthy of the exceptional situation, to remediate to calamities that, adding to the horrors of war, seem more frightening than the war itself”.

Interview with Italian activist who wrote to Angela Merkel to urge Germany to take lead on Eurobonds

Interview with the activist and researcher Andrea Pisauro about Eurobonds and his open letter to Angela Merkel. "We need a strong, coordinated public intervention which should be European, funded by European money and partly by European debt”    

Offener Brief an Angela Merkel

Throughout the coronavirus outbreak you have shown leadership for your country. You grasped the depth of the sanitary emergency and the challenges it represents to Europe as a whole.

La vie en milieu fermé à Montréal Canada - Yves écrit

Je vous partage mon confinement depuis Montréal, la ville la plus festive d'Amérique du Nord transformée aujourd'hui en ville quasi-fantôme.

Exclusive Interview: Hungarian civil rights activist speaks out about threat to democracy and Europe

Eszter Nagy is the Secretary General of the Union of European Federalists in Hungary. Between 1997 and 2009 she worked in the Hungarian foreign service.

Russia exploits coronavirus crisis to weaken Europe

Russia exploits the corona virus crisis in order to weaken the EU. Russia’s humanitarian intervention in Italy, a show of force, is combined with a sustained disinformation and destabilization campaign.

A meditation on death

All over the UK people gathered by open front doors, windows and balconies in their locked down homes to applaud by extensive clapping the doctors, nurses and ancillary workers of the NHS. 

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