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L'art délicat de (re)construire ensemble

Face aux diatribes de Donald Trump, et à quelques mois de l’élection présidentielle américaine, la restauration de bonnes relations UE – Etats-Unis est-elle encore possible? 

An interview with Lucio Levi - Alan Hick

Lucio Levi is Professor of Political Science and Comparative Politics at the University of Torino, Italy. Alan Hick, board member of New Europeans interviewed Professor Levi on behalf of New Europeans.  

Giovanni's Brauzzi's call to Europe

My Fellow Citizens, During the coronavirus lockdown, an appeal was launched by New Europeans.

Confusing times

Confusion over the start time of a recent pan-European webinar illustrates one reason why the European Union is considering abolishing the annual seasonal clock change – and why, in an increasingly interconnected world, we should make more use of global time (UTC).  

Going in deep - a reflection on the future of Europe

It is June, 2020 and our world has changed.   Even a couple of months ago we could not have imagined the numbers of people dying all over the world, our pain at social isolation and the impact of Covid-19 on the world economy.

Pandemic, panic and pandaemonium

The entire globe is in a panic. What has happened to the celebrated virtue of enlightenment thinking; that reasoned capacity to absorb beauty and truth?  

Co-Creating Europe and the Caravan of Unity

We are all living through a huge social experiment. It seems from one day to the next, the normal flow of our lives has been suspended, and we feel the pain.  

The European Union post Corona Crisis: Lessons learned

We are in the midst of an acute virus pandemic, which will definitively change our societies, our politics, our economics, as well as our personal and collective lives.

Open letter from Giovanni Brauzzi

We are all living a terrible moment. We are all engaged against a terrible threat. We want to learn from such an experience and to contribute towards making our future better and healthier.

70th Anniversary of the “Schuman Declaration” and the launching of European Union

On 9 May 1950, just five years after the end of the war in Europe, the French Foreign Minister, Robert Schuman, issued an official statement that would fundamentally change the future of Europe and pave the way for European Union.

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