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Why so many Poles have already left Britain?

It is estimated that almost a million Poles lived in the UK before the Brexit vote. Some, mainly anecdotal evidence, suggests that around 200,000 members of the Polish community have now left the UK. What are the reasons why people have left or are leaving?

Is the post-Brexit reality the end of the political representation of the EU nationals in Britain?

Polish migration to the UK has a long standing history. But did you know that there are currently only 12 serving Polish Cllrs in the UK? In my view, although the current Parliament has never been more diverse, the lack of political representation is still evident.

Interview with Aleksandra Klitina

Aleksandra Klitina, the former Vice-Minister of Infrastructure in Ukraine, has been interviewed by Olivier Védrine.

Interview with Slava Rabinovich

On 26 February, Slava Rabinovich, a political analyst close to the Russian democratic opposition, was interviewed by Olivier Védrine for EuTalk and The Russian Monitor. 

Many challenges remain with EUSS scheme

I am sure that most of us, who know, work with or have friends and family members from the EU or EEA have heard of the so-called EU settled status scheme. 

Ekaterina's journey to UK citizenship

My personal struggle with the UK Home Office and how Brexit affected and changed my life.

Trapped in the EU’s asylum lottery, “dublined” asylum seekers need and demand change

In the EU, asylum seekers are moved from one country to the other under the Dublin III Regulation under the assumption that all Member States are equally safe. The story of M. reveals a more complex reality, which is likely to remain unchanged.

Putting European citizenship on the agenda

What came out from the 5th annual Conference on European Citizenship, which happened early December? New Europeans' Maria Luisa Maccalli had a look at where the EU stands with respect to the implementation of EU citizen's rights.

New Year's predictions from Michal Siewniak

I love sport, football in particular. Although I had an opportunity to serve as a local councillor in Welwyn Hatfield, I occasionally feel that I am a “spectator”, not a “player”, when it comes to my voting rights in the UK.

Words matter - normalising lies and alternative facts in Trumps's America and beyond

After Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump for U.S. president, reinforced by Democrats Jon Osoff and Raphael Warnock winning the two Senate seats in Georgia and thus securing a Democratic majority not only in the Senate but also in the Congress, we are currently – and not surprisingly – confronted with disappointment and much anger from many of Trump’s loyal followers, writes New Europeans' member Ruth Wodak. 

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