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How is Brexit for you?

As part of our campaign to secure the rights of EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens the EU, we are conducting a survey of EU citizens, including UK citizens living in the EU.

The aim of the survey is to understand how EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU feel about Brexit, what it means for us all and what steps individuals are taking to safeguard their right to remain where they are living now and continue to build their lives there.

The results will be submitted to the UK Government and to a number of parliamentary Select Committees dealing with issues relating to Britain's vote to leave the EU and to the European Union.

All who take part in the survey will be sent a copy of the results as will all members of New Europeans.

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Conducting surveys incurs costs for New Europeans to pay for the survey tools we need and for social media boosters and promotions so that we reach a critical number of respondents. 

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Please respond to the survey asap 

(Responses received by 6pm on Sunday, 15 January will be included in our submission to the Select Committee on Exiting the EU).


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