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Feeling European by Anne Johnson (Brighton member)

Feeling European 

The European referendum has raised an awful lot of issues. People can feel European in many different ways. It can be emotional, or intellectual, or cultural, or philosophical, or psychological, or sociological – or perhaps just simply a question of identity. That is my case, writes Anne Johnson, an enthusiastic member of the newly formed Brighton branch of the New Europeans.

I had an English father, now deceased, and a French mother, so I always had dual nationality and I was brought up speaking both languages. I have spent most of my life living in England, where I was born, but have always travelled extensively in France. I did a French degree at the University of Sussex and spent my year abroad in Aix-en Provence.

Since then, I have married a Frenchman, we have a house in France, and we even have a French cat, called Mistinguette, who adopted us in France. Several hundred euros later, she now has a French passport and a chip, and she travels back and forth with us all the time. She speaks English, French and cat.

The result of the Referendum was such a shock and we are still recovering from it today and hoping it won’t actually ever happen.

So do I feel European? Mais oui, bien sur!


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