Europe in an Age of Risk | Happiness and discontent in Europe (hybrid event)

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Thursday, March 24, 2022 - 12:00 to 14:00

Following the 'Age of Anger', it seems as if an 'Age of Risk' is slowly emerging as the dominant paradigm for Europe and the EU.

We are delighted to announce the second speaker in our series on the future of Europe will be Dimitris Ballas Professor of Economic Geography, University of Groningen who will speak about:

"Contents and discontents : the human geography of happiness and unhappiness in Europe"

Dimitris will present a human geography perspective on the analysis of happiness, unhappiness and discontent.

First individual- and household-level determinants of subjective well-being will be considered by briefly reviewing the current state of the art in the emerging
field known as the Economics of Happiness.

This will be followed by an argument for a Spatial Economics, Economic and Social Geography perspective, illustrated with new innovative ways of visualizing the spatial distribution of happiness and related variables.

In addition, an attempt to link the literature of the geography of happiness and well-being to political geography and to the geographies of discontent literature is also presented, including an analysis of voting for self-proclaimed ‘anti-establishment political parties’ drawing upon recent and on-going relevant research. 

The presentation will also consider the possible impact of recent geopolitical developments (including the Russian invasion of Ukraine) to the geography of happiness, unhappiness and discontent in Europe.

Discussant: Professor Bogna Gawronska-Nowak, (Institute of Urban and Regional Development, Warsaw and Cracow University of Economics) 

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Brussels Press Club
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