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Wednesday, March 23, 2022 - 17:30 to 20:00

EU-RE-CA - EUropean REpublican CAfès

Join us on Wednesday 23 March for an open discussion about the future of Europe at the 'European Republican Café' in Groningen!



At a time when the war in Ukraine has put Europe's ability to defend itsself as a safe space for human rights and democracy in doubt, we would like to hear what your ideas are about how the European project can be made more inclusive and resilient.

The setting is the Café De Graanrepubliek in Groningen, which is part of a network of cafes across Europe offering to hold occasional discussions and debates about the future of Europe as part of the EU-RE-CA project.  The project invites participatins to think about how Europe would be if it were a single demos based on the rights of citizens.

Roger Casale, founder of New Europeans and former British MP will introduce the evening and lead the discussion. You are welcome to drop in and jon the conversation at any time during the evening. We wll provide some snacks and ask you to take care of your own drinks at the bar.

In the course of the evening, Jan Grzymski will also organise a board game session with the 'How to Win Brexit?' game. This innovative game takes the Brexit negotiation as a historical event that can teach students, academics and all passionate about politics about what is the dynamics of polarisation in politics. It has an educational character as it questions the meaning of "victory" in a polarised political context. 

This is a game that tests your charisma and your luck, your skills at the negotiating table and your ability to persuade. It is not designed to repeat the actual Brexit process, but it will let you experience the real-life mechanism of negotiations within the political polarization. This will take place in a separate room at the Café. It will be possible to move between the game and the conversation about the future of Europe as the mood takes you!

Learn more about the game: click link

Please register for this event so that we have an idea of the numbers attending.

EU-RE-CA - EUropean REpublican CAfès is a European project implemented within the "Europe for Citizens - strand Civil society projects" programme involving various associations at European level, including Acmos , Fondazione Benvenuti in Italy , Europe Now !, VoxEuropNew Europeans (Belgium) and European Democracy Lab (Germany).  Find out more here

Literary cafe De Graanrepubliek is a space where activities take place that have a cultural, critical, social, and literary character. The cafe is distributed over two floors with book shelves until the ceiling and the cozy atmosphere of a living room. One can delve into peaceful talks and discussions, but also retreat to a corner with a book. Visit the website.

Literary Café De Graanrepubliek
Gedempte Kattendiep 11,
9711 PL Groninge

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