30th Economic Forum - Karpacz, Poland

Tuesday, September 7, 2021 - 15:45 to Thursday, September 9, 2021 - 16:45

The Economic Forum is an annual international meeting held in the first half of September. 

In the course of almost 30 years of its history the Economic Forum has evolved from a small conference, with about 100 participants, to one of the biggest and most recognisable meetings of the political and business leaders of Central and Eastern Europe, and is therefore sometimes referred to as the "Eastern Davos.

The mission of the Economic Forum is to create a favorable climate for development of political and economic cooperation in Europe. The opinions of the Forum's speakers are often quoted by the international media and discussed by leading analysts.

The Forum was founded by Zygmunt Berdychowski in 1992 and is organised by the Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies in Warsaw. 

New Europeans International is a partner of the Economic Forum and will be hosting the panel on the future of EU-UK relations:

The conference is by invitation only and registrations closed on Friday, 3 September.

What Lies over the Horizon for the EU-UK Relationship, both for business and for citizens?

Following the Brexit announcement, many British companies moved their headquarters or opened branches in EU countries to avoid the bureaucracy, taxes and additional fees resulting from Brexit. Unfortunately, some British companies have even completely cut their ties with the EU. The EU undertakes similar actions as well. Admittedly, the so-called "No-deal Brexit" has been avoided, but is the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement satisfactory for entrepreneurs? How will it affect business relations between the EU and the UK? Who will lose the most from it and who will gain?

Invited speakers:

Roger Casale, CEO, New Europeans International, (Moderator)
Richard Tice, Leader, Reform UK, United Kingdom
Katarzyna Ueberhan, Deputy, Sejm, Poland
Andrei Kapytok, Chairman of the Presidium and Supreme Coordination Council, Republican Confederation for Enterprise Development, Belarus
Bogna Gawronska-Nowak, Professor, Institute of Urban and Regional Development, Poland


The full programme of the 30th Economic Forum in Karpacz is available here


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Economic Forum Karpacz

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