Truth and justice for Giulio Regeni - a European battle

Monday, January 25, 2021

Five years have passed since Giulio Regeni, a young Italian researcher from the University of Cambridge was abducted in Cairo, and tortured to death. His body was found in a ditch along the road to Alexandria. His mother only recognised him from "the tip of his nose". 

As every year, on 25 January, the day of Giulio Regeni's abduction, campainers will take to the streets with Amnesty International to demand justice for the young researcher.

Watch the Amnesty International video here



Throughout Europe, it is our duty to ask for truth and justice for Giulio Regeni. 

Because Giulio Regeni was a European citizen.

Because the memory of the tragedies of the 20th century and the respect of human rights are the foundations of our Union.

Because we cannot accept that a young researcher is tortured and murdered with impunity. 

Because we cannot tolerate the countless red herrings set by the Al-Sisi regime, including the execution of five innocent people falsely accused of being the perpetrators of the murder.

In December 2020, after a lengthy investigation in which it appeared that Giulio Regeni was "tortured for days with blades and sticks", the judges of the public prosecutor's office of Rome have requested the trial of four Egyptian security agents, one of them a general and three colonels. 

They are suspected of abduction, assault and murder, but the Cairo authorities, who have always refused to collaborate, deny any involvement.

Egyptian President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi counts on the passage of time and on the business interest shared with European countries to make people forget what prosecutors in Rome have called a "state murder", perpetrated by the paranoid and ruthless apparatus of a regime that all non-partisan NGOs consider to be one of the most authoritarian in the world.

The more they try to cover up the case, the more we will be called upon to shed a light onto it.

We owe it to Giulio Regeni and his family. We owe it also to all the victims of the Egyptian dictatorship who, when they survive, repeat as a mantra "kulluna Giulio Regeni" – we are all Giulio Regeni. All European citizens need to mobilise and demand that their national and European MPs put pressure on the Egyptian government.

Enough with words: the time for true European solidarity has come.


Our partner organisation EuropaNow! invites not only European citizens, but also all the cities across Europe to hang on their balconies banners, posters or any other means of showing support, in any language, demanding:

“Truth and justice for Giulio Regeni”

"Vérité et justice pour Giulio Regeni"

"Verdad y justicia para Giulio Regeni"

"Prawda i sprawiedliwość dla Giulio Regeni"

"Wahrheit und Gerechtigkeit für Giulio Regeni"

"Verità e giustizia per Giulio Regeni"

"Verdade e justiça para Giulio Regeni"

Take part in our campaign by sending your photo to;






This event is tagged #EuropeFutureFringe



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