Day of Solidarity with Belarus

Sunday, February 7, 2021 - 08:00

Opposition leader Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya has called on all non-indifferent people to support Belarusian protesters by joining the Day of Solidarity with Belarus February, 7.

Click on the Map of Solidarity to show your support for Belarus

“Since the fraudulent presidential election of August 9, Belarusians have demanded democracy and freedom, staying persistent and courageous in spite of the regime’s lawlessness. While the ruthless dictatorship resorted to unmatched violence, the protest has been peaceful and resourceful revealing the vast creative potential of Belarusians,” the statement reads.

According to Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya, ‘friends of Belarus’ can show solidarity by participating in events and rallies, releasing publications on the subject, displaying national Belarusian white-red-white colours, writing letters to Belarusian political prisoners, donating to solidarity that help the repressed compatriots, contributing to issue-related online flashmobs and making posts bearing the hashtag #StandWithBelarus on social media.

The politician also announced holding the online Solidarity Conference on February, 6 together with the Belarusian diaspora. The event is expected to include round tables on topical issues of Belarus and the launch of the newly established Belarusian People’s Embassies’.

Apart from Tsikhanouskaya, the conference will be attended by Pavel Latushka, a member of the board of the opposition Coordination Council and a former Belarusian minister, as well as other politicians, public figures, representatives of diasporas and international organisations.

New Europeans Support for Belarus

New Europeans has been working since the summer with activists in Belarus and in the Belarus diaspora and with our European and international networks to help keep the human rights violatons and brutal represssion of the democratic majority of Belarus at the centre of international attention. 

We have run four online conferences on human rights in Belarus and we awarded our New European of the Year Award to the Women of Belarus.

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The New Europeans' events listed were organised as part of the permanent

#EuropeFutureFringe festival on the Future of Europe.







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