The Tuesday Conversation with Povl Henningsen - Series 2

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020 - 19:30 to 20:30

Inspiring conversations to bring Europeans closer together and build solidarity in Europe

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"A gem for the European public sphere."  

Virginia Fiume, Coordinator, Eumans



This week we ask:

"Is Europe just for white people?"

Our guest speaker



Brussels-based commentator on EU affairs. MD of New Horizons project, a strategy, analysis and advisory company and former Director of Policy at Friends of Europe


About the Tuesday Conversation

The Tuesday Conversation is an initiative by New Europeans and part of #EuropeFutureFringe, the network of activities and events taking place across Europe that are energizing the discussion about the #FutureofEurope ahead of the official conference about the Future of Europe.

Our guest speakers introduce a conversation amongst a small group of invited guests from different parts of Europe around our question of the week.

The conversation is live-streamed on Facebook and questions and comments are fed back into the conversation.




20 October

"Has the time come for a universal basic income?"

JAMIE COOK, Director, Royal Society of Arts, Scotland

Week of the UN International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (16 October)


27 October

"What can I do to stop climate change?"

VIRGINIA FIUME, Coordinator, Eumans


3 November

"Does an apple a day keep the doctor away?"

SACHA MARSCHANG, European Public Health Authority (tbc)

10 November

"A united Europe - can culture and the arts bring the continent closer together?

BEN RAY, communicator and award-winning poet  

17 November

"Should we tolerate everything except intolerance?"

DR JANA PUGLIERIN, European Council of Foreign Relations (tbc)

Week of the UN International Day for Tolerance (16 November)


24 November

"When did you realise you were a European?"

TIMOTHY GARTON ASH, St Antony's, Oxford University (tbc)

Week of the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution (25 November)


1 December

"What's broken and how can we fix it?"

MARTA LEMPART, Polish Women's Strike (tbc)


8 December

 "Have you ever had a Eureka moment about Europe?"

PETAR MARKOVIC Voter Without Borders ECI Campaign (tbc)

15 December

"What are your hopes and fears for 2021?"


The Tuesday Conversation in 2021

Series 3 of The Tuesday Conversation with Povl Henningsen runs from:

Tuesday, 19 January to Tuesday, 23 March

About Europe Future Fringe

Europe Future Fringe is an open access festival of democracy where everyone who wants to be part of the conversation about the future of Europe can find a space to tell their story.

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