New Europeans Ltd AGM

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Wednesday, July 15, 2020 - 18:30 to 20:00

The Annual General Meeting of New Europeans UK will take place online at 6.30 pm on Wednesday 15 July

James Beckles has kindly agreed to chair the meeting.


1)  Apologies

2)  Minutes of AGM 2019

3)  Matters arising

4)  Chair's report includng operational report

5)  Treasurer's report and annual accounts

6)  Election of officers

Mandate renewal of co-opted members:

MARIA LUISA MACCALLI  (Proposer: Dr Ruvi Ziegler, Seconder: Dr Roxana Barbulescu)

MICHAL SIEWNIAK (Proposer: Michael Arapis, Seconder: Eileen Chan-Hu)

7)  Resolutions

The following changes to our statutes will be proposed by the board of New Europeans Association Ltd to the meeting:

New Clause 3 - Objects

The objects of the association are:- 

For the public benefit to:

a)To assist and counsel EU and EEA citizens resident in the UK and UK citizens resident in the EU and EEA who are in need, by reason of age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship, homelessness, being victims/survivors of domestic violence, being victims of human trafficking or other disadvantage, by the provision of education, information and support on lawfully retaining or obtaining the right to reside and work in the UK and/or in the EU and EEA
b)To develop the capacity and skills of EU and EEA citizens resident in the UK to participate in its civic and democratic life.
c) To foster understanding between EU and EEA citizens resident in the UK and other members of society.
d) Other charitable activities.

Rationale: ​ The new objects better describe our UK operations and will facilitate our application for charitable status.

In addition the board would like to remove the following  sub-clauses:


22. Methods of appointing directors

(c) No director may be appointed if more than half the directors would, following the appointment(s), be of one gender.

(d) No director may be appointed if less than half the directors would, following the appointment(s), be citizens of EU member states excluding the UK

Rationale:  The sub-clauses are now redundant as we meet these requirements without the need for quotas.

8)  AOB

9)  Date of next AGM

The AGM is scheduled to finish at 7.30pm.

Please register if you are able to attend.

Registrations via the website close at 7pm on Sunday, 5 July.

Late registrations should be send to the Registrar.

Additional agenda items should also be sent to the Registrar no later than 9am on Wed. 8 July:



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