78th Anniversary of first meeting of the National Council of the Resistance

Thursday, May 27, 2021

On 27 May 1943 the National Council of the Resistance met for the first time on rue du Four.

Many citizens, whether left, center or right, gathered around a project of the future and said no to hatred and racism.

They created the conditions for renewal.

The conditions of economic and social progress for all. The conditions of protection of the weak. The conditions of peace above all.

This is how a new Europe was born, that of solidarity and peace. It is working too badly today, because too many officials, political parties have forgotten the fundamentals: creating strong solidarity together to move forward with one step.

Let us not be tired, because the dangers (xenophobia, nationalism, fear of the other, scapegoat...) are still there.

Up Europe, stand up Europe, wake up Europe!


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