The Call to Europe - Project launch

Thursday, May 21, 2020 - 20:00 to Sunday, May 24, 2020 - 22:00



Ethnos, New Europeans and We Belong can announce that we have come together to form a new project called The Call to Europe, inspired by the legacy of Ernesto Rossi.

We will launch the project on Thursday, 21 May, through a series of video and audio messages, including puppetry, multiplied in the info-sphere through various media and across generations.

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The Film

'The Words of Ventotene' focuses on Ernesto Rossi, "rebel and democratic", strong opponent of Fascism, jailed and confined between 1930 and 1943 for his political ideas. 


The web première  takes place on Friday, 22 May, on the occasion of the 60th annviersary of Roger Casale, the founder of New Europeans

The film will be available for free from 8am on that day to midnight on Sunday, 24 May.

In the words of the authors:

“Why watch this movie?

In the terrible period of the war, the Shoah, the persecution, the confinement, Ernesto Rossi and his companions looked up beyond the horizon of the present moment.

They had the courage, the imagination, the irreverent genius to imagine a future ideal world in which civil rights and fraternity among all people would be at the center of social life and politics.

This message is more essential today than ever, and must be handed over to the younger generations. 

Ernesto Rossi is an example for our times.”

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The Conversation

Inspired by the figure of Ernesto Rossi, 'The Call to Europe' project aims to bring people together to talk about the future of Europe.

Meet Fagiolino {ADD LINK}

The first of these conversations is entitled 'Cross Out the Borders: hard borders, invisible borders, borders in the mind'.

The conversation will be a Facebook live event and take place on Sunday, 24 May, 6pm CEST.

The participants will be Roger Casale and Yasmine Ouirhrane, both winners of the Schwarzkopf Europe Award 2019, moderated by Povl Christian Henningsen.

The aim of the initiative is to spark debate and a ”buzz” about the perception of borders, from the message of the Ventotene Manifesto.

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The Legacy

Ernesto Rossi made a fundamental contribution to the project of the European Union.

The Ventotene Manifesto

As expressed in the Ventotene Manifesto of 1941, Ernesto Rossi and his co-authors Altiero Spinelli and Eugenio Colorni proposed the ideal of a federal Europe, cancellation of borders, and defense of peace in opposition to overcoming nationalism. 

Few people know that Ernesto Rossi was fond of puppets. His favorite character was the traditional puppet Fagiolino, to whose words Ernesto Rossi entrusted the expression of his fierce criticism on fascism, war, racism, violence of the dictatorship. 

Today the Sarzi family, with its precious mission of puppeteers/educators, tours Italy and Europe, spreading knowledge about Ernesto Rossi and the vision of a united Europe. 

Meanwhile the Esto education project aims to become a place of confrontation between students and teachers and people interested in the future of Europe, and is constantly growing. 

To date, the film has been screened in over 40 institutes in various Italian cities, building an estimated audience of students in over 2000 admissions.

 Numerous educational projects have emerged from the projections, study groups and laboratories, which will be collected in a publication scheduled for 2021.

The Call to Europe aims to work closely with the ESTO educational project as part of our commitment to the legacy of Ernesto Rossi.

Find out about the ESTO project here

More about us!

About Ethnos

Ethnos is a TV production company specialized in documentaries, social campaigns  and cultural projects. Its productions were aired by Italian and foreign broadcasters, and received numerous national and international awards. Ethnos produced for RAI Italian Television, for many Non Governmental Organizations, and for UNDP – United Nations Development Programme, filming around the globe. Currently the company is focusing on the educational project ESTO,  which promotes knowledge of the Ventotene Manifesto and the birth of the European Union in schools throughout Europe.

About We Belong

Who belongs to Europe? The question is ancient, but the answer keeps changing. We Belong is a platform and a podcast that gives a voice to the New Daughters of Europe. Through our platform, we share personal experience, sparkle conversations and legitimise immigrant daughters' voices. Our podcast features a series of conversations with young women who are breaking stereotypes, navigating multiple identities, and challenging the conventional wisdom of what it means to belong. 

About New Europeans

New Europeans is an award-winning pan-European civil rights movement working for a Europe of citizens, a Europe of equality and social justice, anchored in human rights. Based in Brussels and London, New Europeans has led campaigns for the rights of the 5 million EU citizens in the UK and Britons in Europe, including the Green Card for Europe campaign, and is currently working with a network of NGOs across Europe to put civil rights and citizen participation at the heart of the proposed conference on the future of Europe. 



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