Cross Out The Borders - a conversation with Yasmine Ouirhrane and Roger Casale

Sunday, May 24, 2020 - 18:00 to 19:00




Cross Out the Borders

Hard borders, invisible borders, borders in the mind

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Povl is a specialist in international leadership.  He has wide-ranging expertise from business, education, international politics and culture and has written two books on communication.

Povl's key values: HERO - humour, empathy, respect & openness.


with special guests



Yasmine is the founder of We Belong, a platform and podcast that amplifies the voice of the New Daughters of Europe. In 2019, she was recognized Young European of the Year 2019 by the Schwarzkopf Foundation. She was named EDD Young Leader by the European Commission and is an expert on Peace & Security at the AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub.   

Yasmine's key values are:  DARE - diversity, ambition, respect & equality



Roger is a civil rights campaigner and the founder of New Europeans and a former Member of Parliament (UK). His Green Card for Europe proposal won the Financial Times Future of Britain Award in 2017 and the Schwarzkopf Europe Award in 2019. He is a Commander of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a committed European.

Roger's key values:  LLLL -  listen, learn, laugh & love




'The Call to Europe'  is a partnership project between Ethnos, New Europeans and We Belong.

About Ethnos 

Ethnos is a TV production company specialized in documentaries, social campaigns  and cultural projects. Its productions were aired by Italian and foreign broadcasters, and received numerous national and international awards. Ethnos produced for RAI Italian Television, for many Non Governmental Organizations, and for UNDP – United Nations Development Programme, filming around the globe. Currently the company is focusing on the educational project ESTO,  which promotes knowledge of the Ventotene Manifesto and the birth of the European Union in schools throughout Europe.

About We Belong

Who belongs to Europe? The question is ancient, but the answer keeps changing. We Belong is a platform and a podcast that gives a voice to the New Daughters of Europe. Through our platform, we share personal experience, sparkle conversations and legitimise immigrant daughters' voices. Our podcast features a series of conversations with young women who are breaking stereotypes, navigating multiple identities, and challenging the conventional wisdom of what it means to belong. 


About New Europeans

New Europeans is an award-winning pan-European civil rights movement working for a Europe of citizens, a Europe of equality and social justice, anchored in human rights. Based in Brussels and London, New Europeans has led campaigns for the rights of the 5 million EU citizens in the UK and Britons in Europe, including the Green Card for Europe campaign, and is currently working with a network of NGOs across Europe to put civil rights and citizen participation at the heart of the proposed conference on the future of Europe. 


This evening's event is part of a series of events linked together through the #EuropeFutureFringe network

About Europe Future Fringe

#EuropeFutureFringe is a free-standing series of events taking place across Europe in parallel with the Future of Europe Conference.Taking its inspiration from the Edinburgh Fringe, the Europe Future Fringe will be a series of freely organised events​ celebrating our European identity, allowing civil society to occupy the "spaces in-between" the formal conference consultations organised by the EU institutions. The Fringe will reach out to third country nationals as well as people resident outside the EU, including in the UK, Ukraine and the Balkans. It will give all who take part the opportunity to engage in a new conversation about Europe’s future.​​


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